About Us

Our Vision

Our vision serves as a guide in every aspect of our business striving for productivity, innovation and quality and of course our users:

  • Productivity: Design systems to maximise user productivity.
  • Innovation: Aim to go beyond what is thought to be possible.
  • Quality: Strive to deliver products that are robust, functional and easy to use.
  • Users: Put users first, by providing support and training.

Our Mision

Our mission is to provide not only quality products and services, but to build a relationship with our clients. We pride ourselves by putting the users first.

Our Values

Our values reflects all that we stand for:

  • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future.
  • Integrity: Be real.
  • Passion: Committed in heart and mind.
  • Quality: What we do, we do well.

Our Market

Our software caters but are not limited to:

  • Government TVET Colleges
  • Private TVET and Private Colleges/Schools
  • Hotel Schools
  • Secondary Schools

Our Products

Coltech Student System

Manage Student

  • Student Enrolments.
  • Courses and Subjects.
  • Finances (Debtors).
  • Exam Marks.
  • Absentees (Exam Admission / Denials).
  • NSFAS.
  • Reports (Exportable to Excel, PDF, Etc.).
  • Department Exam Links.
  • Calculations of Subject Promotion According to Departmental Regulations.
  • Import and Export to and from Excel.
  • NQF Short Courses (O.B.E.) - S.E.T.A.
  • Monitoring and Evaluating of Assignments.

Manage Lecturer

  • Rosters and Time Tables.
  • Class Groups.
  • Lectures Statistics.

Coltech Financial System

Manage College Finances

  • Creditors/Vendors.
  • Auto Bank Recon.
  • Bank Statement Import.
  • Auto Allocate Payments to Students.
  • Budget Facility.
  • Batch Posting.
  • Statement Email.
  • Procurement Process.
  • Inventory.

Coltech Staff Management System

Features like:

  • Personnel Information.
  • Payroll.
  • Employment History.
  • Pay Run and Reports.
  • Financial Journals and Payments.
  • EasyFile Link.
  • IRP5 Reconciliations.

Coltech Fixed Assets System

Manage College Assets

  • Building information.
  • Barcode generated for assets and rooms.
  • Asset group photos.
  • General information.
  • Asset reports like alphabetical lists, inventory.
  • Description and photo of the particular asset.
  • Disposal of Assets (Scrapped, Sold etc.).
  • Individual Locations.
  • Asset Inventory Count.
  • Capture of Assets per location.

Coltech Library System

Library System for Students, Staff and other Borrowers

  • Borrowers can be imported from the Student System.
  • Borrower Card.
  • Reports for outstanding books.
  • Books be scanned into the system in batches.
  • Media Library System.
  • Capture different kinds of Media, e.g. Books, CD’s Tapes, etc.
  • Issuing and returning of media.
  • Easy moving of media between Campuses.
  • History of media and students.
  • Reports.

Coltech Dashboard

Any data captured in the Coltech System can be extracted in a simplistic interface:

  • User friendly layout.
  • Customised reporting.
  • Standard Annual survey reporting already built-in and available at your finger tips.
  • Standard Annual survey reporting.

Used in conjunction with the Coltech Student System for statistics and custom reports for:

  • D.H.E.T Annual survey.
  • D.H.E.T Quarterly reports.
  • D.H.E.T General reports.
  • Management reports.
  • Export generated reports to excel (Pivot Table).

Coltech Student Portal with Web Pre-Enrolment

Enables Student to:

  • Pre-enrol from any location where an active internet connection can be established.
  • Auto sending of an email and SMS when pre-enrolling the pre-enrolled information will be synced in the Coltech Student System automatically.
  • After admin approves the pre-enrolment, the student can change their personal information.
  • Student can check for upcoming exams.
  • Student can see test results.
  • Student can create a CV online.
  • Get financial statements.
  • See NSFAS allocations.
  • Post advertisements.
  • Send messages to Lectures and Counsellors.

More Coltech Features

NSFAS Means Test:

  • Online Application link to registered course.s
  • Integrated into the Coltech System, no more Import/ Export.

Coltech Evolution Integration Module:

  • Intergrade Coltech’s Financial module into the Sage Evolution Package.

DHET Financial Link:

  • Coltfin Data Extract to the Department.

DHET Extraction Module:

  • Coltech Data Extract to the Department.
  • Link DHET GL-Account structure to Coltech GL-Account structure.

Exam Link:

  • Receive and Send of Exam Dates and Marks.

onColtech Cloud Solution

To put it very simple, “Cloud Computing” is basically a cluster of servers hosted in a virtual environment accessible through the internet. One of the biggest benefits of using a cloud computing, is an always up connection which means accessing your resources 24/7.

Some of the benefits of using Cloud Computing:

  • 24/7 access to your resources.
  • No need to purchase physical hardware.
  • Microsoft Licensing can be rented on a monthly basis.
  • SLA for managing and maintaining your Cloud Server.
  • Scalable Solution that can be customized according to your requirements.

Please contact Coltech Computer Training Helpdesk for more information.

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